Welcome to your MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer official Power Plan! You’ll find all of the tools and tips here to ensure you hit your training goals, and exceed your $2,500 fundraising minimum in the first month so you’ll receive some awesome Ride goodies!


Raise $150 in your first week of your Power Plan to win a bag.


Raise $500 during your Power Plan to win cycling socks.


Raise $2,000 during your Power Plan to win SPF50 sun sleeves.


How far are you riding each week right now? If you’re on the bike 3 -4 times a week, covering 180kms plus with one big ride around 100km a week - congratulations - you’re ready to ride! Keep up the good work!

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on the bike, or you’ve been taking it easier recently - no problem, you have plenty of time. The trick is to start off easy, and be consistent with your training and you’ll be ready to cover the big distances in no time! Here’s how to get started:

This Saturday take your bike out and go for a ride - for whatever distance feels comfortable.

On Sunday, go for another ride and ride 10% further than you did the day before.

Mid-week get moving! Go for a ride, a spin class, a run or a walk however long you have time for.

Follow that routine for the next few weeks; gradually building up the distance you are riding. For more training tips visit the training page.

POTENTIAL TOTAL = $500 - $1,200

  • Start by writing down the name of who you are riding for and put a photo of them on your fridge or computer
  • Next visit your participant centre and check out all the tools available to you including the Facebook app, email badge and mobile app
  • $100Ask the one person who won’t say no to you for a $100 donation TODAY
  • $300-$1,000Did you know that Riders who send out 15+ emails raise 4x as many funds? Most Riders raise $300 to $1000 everytime they send out a round of emails. Send a personal email to everyone in your address book
  • $100Post the following along with a photo to Facebook right now with a link to your personal page: "I am taking on the challenge of the 200km MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer this year. All funds go directly to cancer research. Please support me with a donation today!"

POTENTIAL TOTAL = $1,200 - $2,400

  • $100Download the Facebook app and post a message with your personal story asking for a donation
  • $100Call at least 2 family members—update them on your progress and ask them for a donation
  • $500-$1,000Ask your employer or your partner’s employer for a donation! Many companies will match your fundraising efforts, and are eager to support their employees and the local community.

POTENTIAL TOTAL = $1,800 - $3,300

  • $200Thank your donors on Facebook and ask them to spread the word—other contacts will see the activity on your News Feed and want to donate too!
  • $100-$200Host a fundraising party—like a champagne brunch, cake sale or cocktail party. Get creative and aim high!
  • $300-$500Think of 3-5 businesses you frequent who could donate—your bank, where you get your car serviced, yoga studio, supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop. Take a donation form with you or call them to ask for a donation!

POTENTIAL TOTAL = $2,500 - $4,300

  • $200Send an email update to all your contacts—thank those who have donated, tell them about your progress, and let them know how much further you have to your goal!
  • $200Post to Facebook again asking for support
  • $200-$400Invite your close friends and family over for morning tea or dinner, thank those who have donated, show them The Ride orientation video, and encourage last minute donations!
  • $100-$200You’re almost there! Call a close loved one and ask for the amount you need to reach your goal