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You deserve some special treatment! This June is the last month of the financial year, and that means the busiest month for donations in Australia. Such a special month deserves special rewards, right? That's what The Giving Circle is all about.

The Goal

This month, we have set a bold goal to raise $500,000 for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical research - with your help we can get there! It’s people like you who help the Perkins achieve their mission to improve the health of Western Australians through life-saving research that translates into new ways to prevent and treat disease.

Tax Deductions

More donations are made in this month than any other, and that’s because of the great tax deduction benefits for donors. This June is your best opportunity to fundraise! All donations over $2 are tax deductible, and your donors will get a tax receipt emailed to them directly - easy!

What is The Giving Circle?

The Giving Circle is about uniting as a community to make this goal possible! Let us personally thank you, and stand with us this June.

Simply raise $100 this month (if you are currently registered for 2017) or sign up for our Ride (if you are NOT currently registered for 2017) and we will reward your hard work.

Giving Circle Rewards:

1. Your signature will be beautifully printed on a special ‘Giving Circle’ banner

This banner will first be presented to the Perkins and then be displayed at the Ride in recognition of your commitment.

2. Your name will be featured on the Ride website and facebook page

We'll share your name alongside your fellow Giving Circle members' names at the top of this page for everyone to see.

3. You will be included in the Giving Circle video

Stay tuned for an exciting wrap-up video I'll put together at the end of June, dedicated to everyone in the Giving Circle.

4. Plus many more exciting Giving Circle exclusive rewards

How to Join In the Giving Circle

Already registered?

Simply raise an additional $100 in the month of June and you're in! We'll contact you when you you pass that mark. Check your current fundraising total.

If you are not currently registered:

All you have to do is sign up before June 30!

Register Today!


To help you raise $100 and more this month, and make sure you get the Giving Circle rewards we have created a toolkit to help you get started!

Participant Info


Gear Up Day


Wednesday 24th of May is our annual Gear Up Day! We’re calling on all of our Riders to help make this our biggest yet. Gear Up Day is one day with one goal, to get a mate to join you on this year’s Ride.

When we double our Riders, we double our impact. That’s why we want you to recruit a Rider or register as one for 2017’s Gear Up Day this Wednesday, 24th May!

With each Rider you recruit by May 24, you put yourself one person closer to achieving Ambassador status and getting our great Gear Up Day prizes! Better yet, you’ll be increasing the impact that you are making to cancer research at The Perkins.

Be sure to check out the details below for the GRAND PRIZE DRAW!

Recruit 1 Rider on or before 24th May Recruit 2 Riders on or before 24th May Recruit 3+ Riders on or before 24th May
1. $100 fundraising credit, a badge, Grand Prize entry
2. $200 fundraising credit, a badge and 2 Grand Prize entries
3. $300 fundraising credit, a badge and 3 Grand Prize entries

To earn a Gear Up Day referral credit, have your referred Rider use your unique Refer and Raise link. You can find your referral link in your participant centre. Click here for more info.

Reach Ambassador Status

You can become an Ambassador by referring your friends to Ride. All of our Ambassadors receive both the Official Ride Jersey AND an Exclusive Ambassador Jersey. Ambassadors are also invited to our pre event VIP function at The Perkins, and to our celebration evening.

More Info

If you haven’t yet joined The Ride, NOW is the best time to do it!

When you sign up for The Ride on or before 24 May, you’ll receive these awesome perks:

  • A cycling pouch or slap band thanks to Bicycling Western Australia
  • A Ride Badge on your page
  • Entry into our Grand Prize Draw
Register Today!

Grand Prize Draw

Sign up to Ride on or before 24th May and you’ll automatically enter to win in our Grand Prize Draw! Already registered? You’ll receive an entry for every person you refer.

1st Prize: A brand new road bike and a BWA membership
2nd Prize: A BWA Membership and a BWA goodie bag
3rd Prize: A BWA goodie bag

Whether you’re already a Rider or you’re thinking of becoming one, YOU can play a pivotal role in furthering our goal of conquering cancer. Recruit that new Rider or join us today and help us do more for cancer patients this Gear Up Day.

Chicks Conquering Cancer


The MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is honoured to have some of the most inspirational women in our community! We want to reach out and welcome new female riders, cycling isn’t just for men!


  • Women make up 36% of riders, join us and let’s get that to 50% this year!
  • You’ll be joining a community made up of incredible, inspirational people.
  • The opportunity to discover and strengthen lifelong friendships!
  • Strength in numbers! More Riders mean more dollars raised for the Perkins.
Bonus Here


Starting from 21 April, The Ride is awarding a $250 fundraising bonus to the next 50 female Riders that register for our 2017 event. Moreover, if you are already registered and you refer one of these women, we'll give you a $250 fundraising bonus too!

To be eligible to win the Chicks Conquering Cancer credit, have your referred Rider use code CCC during the registration process. In addition, your name must be entered when she is prompted to fill the referral area. If you are registering over the phone, just mention the code to our team.

It’s a win-win for all Riders who want to increase their fundraising impact and the women who can strengthen our extraordinary Ridership. So reach out to the phenomenal women you know and encourage them to sign up for The Ride today!



Welcome to Haley Thompson, Honourary Chair of Chicks Conquering Cancer!

Haley Thompson has one of the funnest jobs in the state - uncovering all the best things to do and places to see and explore as a Television Presenter for Channel 7's WA Weekender travel show and Channel 7’s Home in WA real estate program.

An avid sports lover, she’s usually more at home on the water but keen to get her cycling lycra on for a good cause! Haley has been on Australian TV screens for over 15 years - also previously hosting such shows as Destination WA, Just Add Water and lots more before heading up the team on WA Weekender.

With a a knack for the entrepreneurial, Haley has also carved her mark in the business world creating several successful companies in the health, retail and medical industries - earning her a Telstra Business Woman of the Year nomination.

At home in front of the camera, producing and directing behind the scenes and with her ‘Boss Lady’ hat on - lets just hope she’s as comfortable on the bike seat to help raise some serious money for The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Bonus Here


When you register to Ride, you’ll join an incredible community of people with the same goal: to conquer cancer. Meet fellow rider, Christine Bartlem who was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 56.

‘Even though my mother had gone through breast cancer, it didn’t enter my thoughts that this could be a real possibility for me. My sister-in-law Terri, who was just 42, had been diagnosed five years earlier with breast cancer. It was around this time that we realised we were going to lose her despite her valiant efforts.’

Christine rides for a future without cancer, and has a team of 31 to ride with in October. You can join her!

Team Up Challenge

2017 Team Up Challenge

The MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is delighted to announce the TEAM UP CHALLENGE, which will run from Wednesday, 1 March through Friday, 31 March!

What Are The Benefits Of A Team?

  • A built-in support system as you embark on the journey that is THE RIDE!
  • The power of training partners! Teams often organise training rides. Training partners can also provide training motivation and encouragement.
  • Fundraising support! Teams frequently coordinate and host fundraising events. Training partners can offer fundraising tips, too.
  • The opportunity to discover and strengthen lifelong friendships!
  • Strength in numbers! More Riders mean more dollars raised for the Perkins.
Join a Team Create a Team

Benefits Of The Team Up Challenge

Why Should You Be Part Of The Team Up Challenge

Why should you be part of the Team Up Challenge?

Make your Ride experience an extraordinary one with the TEAM UP CHALLENGE! Add five or more newly registered Riders—participants who register from 1 March through 31 March—to your NEW team or CURRENT team and receive:

  • A kilometre of The MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer® route dedicated to your team with official signage!
  • An official team photo taken at The Ride with the event logo!
What do the Top Teams get for adding the most riders?

What do the Top Teams get for adding the most riders?

The five teams that add the most newly registered Riders—participants who register from 1 March through 31 March—receive:

  • A dedicated tenting area in Tent City!
  • Official welcome signage recognizing your team at the entrance to your dedicated tenting area!
  • Team access to a TEAM UP CHALLENGE VIP Hospitality Tent, including lounge, professional massage, luxury washroom, private bartender and snack privileges!
  • A special publication about your team on The Ride to Conquer Cancer website and affiliated social media!

To join an open team, call 1300 99 RIDE [7433]!

How can you win Team Up Challenge benefits?

How can you win Team Up Challenge benefits?

  • Current Team Captains: Register NEW and PAST Riders to your team or fill your pre-bought spots with NEW and PAST Riders. To be an open team, call a Ride Guide to let us know! We will be showcasing open teams throughout the TEAM UP CHALLENGE!
  • Past Team Captains: Register for The Ride, launch your team and register NEW and PAST Riders to it!
  • Registered Team Members: Help your Team Captain grow your team by recruiting and registering family members, friends, coworkers, former teammates and others to it!
  • Registered Riders: Not on a team? Join or start one! Then recruit and register family members, friends, coworkers and others to it!
  • Potential Riders: Not registered for The Ride yet? REGISTER! Then join or start a team!

Be part of The Ride to Conquer Cancer’s TEAM UP CHALLENGE today! The bigger your team, the bigger the impact you can make on the lives of those with cancer. Call a Ride Guide today at 1300 99 RIDE [7433] for more information!

Team Up Challenge
Team MACA 2017
You Can Do Fit
Bright Sparks
Team Woodside
Team MacMahon For MACA
CMS Engineering
MAMILS- Middle Aged Men in Lycra
Team Osteosarcoma
7 West
Lavey Lycra
Australian Migration
CRACK CYCLING with Living Well With CML
Dads Army
Haley's Comets
Holly & Co.
Jonesy's crew!
Mader Group
NMT Team
Proudy's Party
Team Ainsworth
Wheely Ambitious
New Year Go You

Here's everything you need to know

With the beginning of a fresh year and World Cancer Day coming on Saturday, 4th of February we want to support you to be the best, freshest, most inspired you possible. We've got some great prizes to help you get excited for your training and fundraising this year! If you're not part of the event yet there's never been a better time!

If you're yet to join the cause then take the opportunity today! It's a New Year so Go You!

PRIZE 1: A special badge on your personal page? Just click the button below and fill in the email to tell us your riding goal between now and World Cancer Day!

  • Start off 2017 strong by giving yourself a training goal in prep for The Ride. (It just takes 21 days to form a habit!)
  • Let everyone know that you've committed to conquer cancer through personal fitness and fundraising in the New Year.

If you're yet to start training then set your goal for 10km per week from now until World Cancer Day

If you're yet to register you can still send us the message to set a goal! New Year Go You is for everyone!

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

PRIZE 2: A Conquer Cancer Coffee Cup?! Everyone who has raised $500 by World Cancer Day will receive one!

  • Early support is especially important, don't leave it until the final weeks! Every dollar you raise makes a difference.
  • Keep keep warm and lively in the mornings with your very own Conquer Cancer coffee cup! Share your fundraising experience with friends over a cup of coffee.

You get a $100 credit for anyone you refer, so just refer 5 friends and the coffee cup will be yours.

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

PRIZE 3: A limited edition World Cancer Day jersey! Everyone who has raised $2000 by World Cancer Day will receive one!

  • Imagine how good it will feel to be so pass this extraordinary fundraising milestone by World Cancer Day.
  • Show everyone your fundraising success with your very own limited edition jersey!

Don't forget to download the Ride app from the App Store and Play Store.

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

REGISTRATION PRIZE: Register to Ride before World Cancer Day and enter to win 1 of 10 World Cancer Day jerseys!

  • Show your commitment to conquering cancer by registering before this milestone day.
  • Start off your year by making this Epic commitment!

You'll be able win the prizes as soon as you sign up.

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

Track Your Progress with Strava!

  • See each of your training sessions in details including distance, time and progress tracking.
  • Follow us and keep up with your friends and team. If you haven't joined a team yet then you can find other people near you.
  • We'll do regular Facebook shout outs so everyone can share in your success

You don't have to be registered for the Ride to follow us so get your friends involved!

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